Thursday, October 06, 2005

"so it does seem as though it's possible to think you're completely right when you're completely wrong. and Jesus still loves me...and even though this realization has stripped me of myself...somehow i'm not sad. and it wasn't the loss of John that did it to me. it wasn't my wasn't the depression, the confusion, the despair, the wasn't even me. hadn't you ever seen it before? to find yourself in Christ don't you have to get lost?...and now it all seems so simple, i'm fairly dazzled and i hardly know what to do...but here it is, what i do know:follow each and every footprint of Jesus, keeping my stupid eyes on His face...hide yourself in Him Grace and don't ever try leaving Him'll be the ruin of you. God...please hold my heart in Your hands and make it is Yours."

i wrote this in my quiet time notebook...i'm not sure how long ago it was...but i thought i'd share it with you


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