Tuesday, October 04, 2005

dating relationship

VERY FIRST STEP:both pray for a week without talking to each other about it.Write down what God has said to you/you have decided.share with each other at the end of that week...more prayer may follow together...
SECOND STEP:John...i've been thinking about it and i think you need to talk to my dad...before you and me initiate anything because he told me to tell you to approach him if you had any thoughts of renewing your "intentions"...he said he didn't want us starting up something like before without them knowing about it:S...so i think you should approach him...here are the things he would prolly like to here from you...if you want you can even just write him an email...or talk to him in person...invite him out to lunch...that would impress them:P...so-you tell him:

1.What are you asking for?

2.What would this relationship look like?

3.What are your personal intentions in starting a dating relationship with me?

so yeah...here's the stuff i wrote down.

(answer to # 1.)A dating relationship with marriage as a potential goal.
a.spend time together in public places(one on one dates)
b.sharing of ideas,dreams,beliefs,passions,worries.
c.cocentrate on getting to know and understand each other better.
d.concentrate on how we can serve others together.
e.share spiritual bearings(meaning where we are in our relationship with Jesus)insights,thoughts...
f.hugs?holding hands?...no kissing
g. avoid situations lasting long periods of time where we are in an isolated place.
h.concentrate on furthering the spiritual,social,and emotional maturity of the other and ourself.
i.talks about marriage in general,what expectations,ideals,dreams,preferences we would have
j.consider financial situations,children,location,jobs,family
k.college and other education plans must be discussed
l.personality tests would be interesting and helpful to take
m.if possible, spiritual sharing,uplifting,encouragement to the other...ideally, informal Bible studies
m.pray for the other person as much as possible

the future is in God's hands

:)let my smile be sufficient for now


Blogger J3 said...

First step: get rid of that gross comment from and automated spammer... B-/

1.What are you asking for?
I am asking for a dating realtionship with a commitment in mind, not a feel good fling.

2.What would this relationship look like?
a. being able to go on dates together.
*personal ideas*
I-instead of having the dates being focused on each other, we could go help people togther so we would have time to talk but we wouldn't be wasting time (I thought of saving our money to buy food for beggars and walking around alsancak giving it instead of money)
II- riding the bus with her on the way home from music during the winter, when it's dark and not so nice be alone outside.
III-stuff that'll make this whole relationship a good thing in both our lives.

I'll write more stuff later

October 06, 2005  

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