Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The sea is dark and angry today. She is a made of sinister blues, deep and impenetrable. Each wave rises up to its full height, and then crashes down with a dreadful sound. Thunder echoes through the air, and stirs within me. Rain is falling hard onto my face, mingling with my tears as I squint up into the menacing black clouds. Somehow this rain soothes the throbbing of my heart. I don’t feel alone, the sky is crying with me. The streets are drenched, as is all else. The smell of wet pavement fills the air, mixed with the salt of the sea. I taste these as I lick my lips. I can hear the patterns of the rain meeting the ground. It calms the pounding in my head. I watch the buses moving slowly along the road. I don’t like them; they drown out the sound of the rain. But the thunder drowns them out. The trees meekly sway with the storm. The people are scurrying to and fro. Why are they afraid of the rain? It will not hurt them; it will heal them as it heals me. I despairingly turn away from these things and gaze at the splendor of the wild sea.

grace m.


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