Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Sky is Displayed

The sky is displayed, harsh and crisp in an apparently forsaken land. The blue’s sharpness pierces the eye and stands out against the brave, jagged hills. These hills are in every direction, surrounding you as far as your eyes can see. You are standing in an arena, but an enormous one, and this, not made by human hands. The long, brown grass sways in agreement. An ocean full of these swirl and make their dances to the wind. These rhythms and movements could craze your mind, for they carry subtle intensity. Behind the hills stand mountains, no doubt majestic in their places but they are far away and cannot be admired. Will not even a tree dare break this terrible similitude? But look! On the horizon of this ocean there is a silhouette! Indeed they are cows! They are immensely welcome to your sore mind. Friends in this dreadful place! Seeing life that is true and warm is enough. For though this place is beautiful, it has a terrifying beauty, that of the unknown, and you cannot face it alone.


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