Wednesday, June 29, 2005


the light in you is taken
there's a sadness in your eyes i've never known
that can't be mistaken
you've gone and made that sacrifice on your own

you know how much i love you
i think all will fall in place
once i can persuade you
love cannot be erased

the ones who fell apart right away
never loved each other anyway
and maybe things aren't always perfect
but if you reach above the surface
you will see
the beautiful face you are to me
smile at least to say you've tried
let me see that sparkle in your eyes

you and me cannot be
broken from the strong grip we hold
never let go and you'll see
the days will go by faster i'm told

and don't look down at your feet
when you could be looking up at me
try your chances now
show me that you know how

to lift your wings above...
and fall in love...



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