Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 6 2008

Life seems a funny thing with his hands tied behind his back.
Life seems a funny thing when the world sits back and laughs
At life crying out in pain, fighting to stand up
To save their lives from everything that kept them captives of

Life seems a funny thing when I look into his eyes.
What can this trembling mean, as he offers me to die
For all the blank, unblinking eyes that seek to live but die
I’ll find him in the morning light he promised me tonight.

Life seems a funny thing we spit into his face.
We crown his head in mockery and curse him in our hate.
Life, his blood flows from his hands, Life, his blood flows free.
Life looks down on my pale face and says, “Now you are free.”

Life, fill me up at last, oh Life conquer me
Life, brand me with your love and bring me to my knees
Life, place your hand on me, let your blood make me clean
Life catch me up in You, for rest eternally

Life seems a funny thing when I fear my dreams won’t last
And all the lies I held onto come crashing down at last.
Now I see my desperate plight, I plead grace and light
Forgetting death, embrace the LIFE


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