Sunday, October 04, 2009

March 11 2009

Father can you hear me? The world is a tireless voice, speaking of your glory. Oh how the trees dance and sing in the blue twilights of summer. Oh how the sun loves us with golden warmth. Oh how the waters of the earth shimmer and glide and roar, invading the sounds of man’s machinery. They grind the ocean floor and caress the rocks and soil, kissing our faces with salty winds and our throats with life. Oh how I tremble at the mere thought of every man You have breathed into. How great a creature he is. Able to live, sustain, create, destroy, love, teach, employ, work, fight, invent, explore, sing, dance, cry, sleep, and learn. Oh how I tremble that you breathe in me and through me. Your breath is fire. Your breath is a sword. Your breath cracks my bones. They are dust. Your breath will burst my heart. I am but blood. Your breath rages within my mind, blowing me through strange alley ways of wonder, the wisdom of the heavenly realm. You teach me of the soul. You teach me what you think, what you feel, what you want. You are free and unreserved. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Oh how he loves us…through every movement of life and death, through every growing thing and all that fills the earth. Oh Father, I cannot help but weep at the glorious faces. I cannot help but weep at the sight of a child with his mother. I cannot help but weep at the thought of a seed growing into a tall and strong tree. I cannot help but weep as the crickets sing and the seagulls race across the sky. I can’t take it in. Father can you hear me? I worship you in my tears. Water, flow from me. Water the ground of this dry heart.


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