Thursday, December 25, 2008

When I'm Afraid, I Sleep

I reach out for you across the dark
The dark angry chasm of my lonely heart
Time spins its circles, love spins its tears
Tell me if you want me. Tell me if you hear.

I follow this line when the weather is fine.
I don’t have a lantern for the hungry night.
When I’m afraid I sleep.
When I’m afraid I sleep.

I once heard that tale of the protector of love.
It was said he knew the weight of the pain of this world.
It was said that he had conquered the dragon of despair.
I knew not where to find him, so I searched everywhere.

His hands are rough, his beard is thick.
He sleeps by the roadside, underneath the stars.
The meadows are his luxury, the drops of dew his riches.
He laughs at the day and sings to the night.

His food is knowledge.
His rest is peace.
His strength is joy.
His love is free.

His children are the orphaned, the fatherless ones.
He captures their hearts and carries their pain.

I am an orphan.
It is this man I seek.
I am an orphan.
It is this man I love.

I am an orphan.
It is this man I seek.
I am an orphan.
Carry me.


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