Thursday, July 10, 2008

the journey

Is loneliness a part of life
Or is it a disease
That captures little girls in flight
And holds onto their knees?
Our life, a sapphire, spinning maid
In an uncharted, ebony void

Swelling fire drinks up the terrible night,
Crafting meaning in its hands,
Nurturing the secrets of she, our life.
It cradles that blue maid tenderly
And fills her nurseries with celestial light.

Her children cry for what they know.
They are afraid of places else.
“Carefully, hold us tightly please
Before we die of this disease.
We cannot face the terrible night.”

I hope these words will save me,
And life and death will take me.
If they do not than I am lost
Upon the sea that swallows our love
And leaves me here for dead.

My paths will flee into the night
Never setting foot again
Upon the green and truthful land.
Our minds will sail on towards setting fire
And leave blue earth spinning round.

She will dance on without a pause.
She won’t miss us, she won’t sing
Of her sailors who abandoned ship.
She was never what she seemed.
She never held us to her heart.


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