Monday, February 19, 2007

your lips were stern, your brow struck
with the fantasy of another world at your doorstep
you looked across the fancy pages
with notes scattered, sound, and touch

i stood and looked across the chasm
that we have built, and you my mystery,
you were so beautiful stumbling over the melodies
i traced your sillouette against the curtain

there i leaned against your soft shadow
i sighed because your fingers slipped across the keys
so easily, i couldn't breathe
the sunlight that was not sun fell on your head

i studied the hands that once lingered in mine
sleepily i knew i would give my sky
to stand and watch you, shoulders shudder
with the twists of your wrists and bend of your head

you make music sweetly in oblivion
as i make the best of your face behind the curtain
yours unconsious of mine staring
drinking life through the liberty of watching


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