Sunday, November 27, 2005

Flinging the money upon the table she cried out in anguish. “Pay for my time, my work, my energy…anything but my love!”
Gaston stood there, mutely staring at her.
“I am not willing to endure this. This cannot be! Honest work is what I ask, not this! Not this marriage for a life I could never justify.” He drew breath as if to speak but then lapsed into silence once more.
Suddenly humble and weak her voice trembled, “Will you not give me what is good, what is honest? Will you not help me in my time of need,” her voice became a whisper, “as I helped you in yours?”
He sighed again but this time he spoke, “And what of the child?”
“He is alive.” she bowed her head with weariness, “He only needs a warm place to stay and food to fill his mouth. Then his strength will return…If you do not help me he will surely die. I beg you to save his life in an honorable manner. This one mercy is all I ask.” She raised her eyes to rest upon his face, searching for some suggestion of humanity. But no, his eyes remained cold and emotionless. She was afraid of these dark, empty eyes, where even evil would not lie, only a wall of stone. Her hope shrank as she looked upon them. What good could come out of these? Tears began to fill her eyes. “I beg you Sir. You are my only hope.”
He turned abruptly away from her and sighed once more. Silence…and then bowing his head he said, “It shall be as you ask.”


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