Sunday, November 27, 2005

Latin Lessons

“Where have you been?” Madame Conti’s sharp, angry voice rang through the halls, “I’ve been searching for you this entire hour at least! Careless, unfeeling child! Did you think you could escape your Latin lesson when you know very well it is the dearest wish of your father that you become an educated proper young lady? What do you mean by scampering about the forest and heaven knows where else in this wild manner?
“I was only-”
“None of that, I will not tolerate this! You tear your petticoats and dirty your shoes! You leave the house without giving me the slightest notion of where you’re going or what you’re up to!” She seized Marie’s hand resolutely, “Come with me Marie Emil Lynnette, you shall see what your father has to say about this.” So saying Madame Conti pulled Marie roughly to the great oak door of her father’s study.
“Come in.” Marie heard her father’s deep voice through the door. “Ah, Madame Conti, Marie. Is something the matter?” His face was pale and weary.
“Yes Monsieur, something is the matter. I’ve just come-”
Swiftly Marie wrenched away from Madame Conti’s grip and ran to her father’s side, putting her arms about his neck.
Irritated, Madame Conti continued, “I have come to inform you of your daughter’s indifferent behavior towards her education Monsieur. It seems that ever since your son has gone away she will not concentrate on her lessons. Her mind is ever elsewhere. Instead she runs away from the house and tears and soils her clothes. She does not inform me when she goes and refuses to listen to a word I tell her.”
“Is this true?” he asked softly, looking into his daughter’s eyes as only a father can.
“Yes Papa, it is true.” Her small voice quivered, “But Papa, I was only gone to the sea because I missed Antoine. I did not mean to frighten Nurse.” Her voice became smaller still, “I only missed Antoine.”


Blogger J3 said...

Sounds like your mom... today I realized how they always blame everything on you... she's such a jerk... :( I'm sorry...

October 01, 2005  
Blogger blank said...

what do you mean?and btw...thank you for commenting...otherwise i don't really know if you're reading it and i'd like to know what you think...

October 02, 2005  
Blogger J3 said...

like when you were doing college stuff with her, I felt so bad when she said that you were ungrateful... it was just mean... you didn't say or do anything to provoke her ot say it. and then you said that you weren't, and she was just like "yeah, you are" I wanted to grab you and run upstairs to hug you and let you know that there's someone in the world that loves you no matter what... I can understand why your dad gets so depressed now :S... and in general she comes up with random excuses just to be... I don't know, but it sure isn't to be nice. like when you offered to go with her to drop us off at our house sha said you needed to stay home to clean up. I mean, no offence to what your house usually looks like, but it was looking better than usual. she just says no for the sake of saying no, not beause it's the right thing to do; and because it's easier to say no and to not care about how someone else feels. as christians we're supposed to follow christ's example, and he wasn't a control freak. and even when he knew that only 1 of the lepers would come back to thank him, he healed them anyways, and he didn't say nasty stuff about the one's that didn't come back... my 2 cents (but a whole dolar to you :)

October 02, 2005  
Blogger blank said...

yeah...she's like that...i guess i've just become used to hope i'm never like that:S...

October 03, 2005  

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